how to get muscles fast
how to get muscles fast
how to get muscles fast

How to Get Ripped Fast -Three Essential Components

Large muscles are the goal of many men, especially those who are very scrawny. Moving from this dream to reality is hard though. For some people, no matter how much time is spent in the gym, big muscles never seem to develop. Even those who aren’t naturally skinny often find it hard to develop muscle mass instead of adding body fat. What do you need to do to get rock hard biceps, thighs women swoon over and a set of six pack abs that are the awe of others? You need to learn how to get ripped fast.

Many laugh when someone says that want to learn how to get ripped fast because they are under the impression that this involves hours of lifting weights. There are easier ways to do this although weight lifting will be involved. Cardio exercises and nutrition play key roles also. First, determine your starting point as this will affect all areas of your body makeover.

When learning how to get ripped fast, you need to see where you are right now. If you are skinny, you follow one set of guidelines. Bulky guys, those who lack muscle definition and muscle mass, but are big, need to follow a completely different set of ‘rules’. Here are the basic rules for each category of men when it comes to weight training.

How to get ripped fast – skinny guys and bulky guys

Skinny guys need to:

  1. Keep workouts under 45 minutes.
  2. Focus on compound movements only.
  3. Set of goal of increasing strength by 5% every two weeks.
  4. Never do more than one or two forced reps as any more and energy is wasted.
  5. Split body parts up into a three day program.

Bulky guys need to:

  1. Train between one and one and a half hour at each workout.
  2. Add isolated movements to their workout.
  3. Maintain strength without losing muscle mass.
  4. Add pre-exhaust and drop sets to expend more energy.
  5. Focus on each muscle group more and split body parts up into a five day program.

Nutrition is a key component of knowing how to get ripped fast. The fastest way to build muscle is to eat properly and work out. Your diet must be realistic if you are to follow it. Large, muscular men need to eat high protein, low carbohydrate foods to minimize body fat. This forces the body to make use of fat reserves for the needed energy. Skinny guys, to get muscles fast, will need to add carbohydrates to the diet. These carbohydrates provide the energy needed for intense training.

The best way to build muscle is to combine weight training, diet and aerobic workouts. This may be why you don’t know how to get ripped fast. Often you will find people looking for the fastest way to gain muscle eliminate cardio exercises as they tend to burn off energy. Don’t do this, you need to burn off body fat to get the lean, defined look you are after. Combine all three and you’ll be ripped in no time at all.